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Progress Power is a power generation project that can help support the UK’s future energy security and ensure that the country meets its low carbon emission targets. All efforts will be made to ensure minimum impact on the environment during its construction and operation.



An environmental impact assessment (EIA) has been undertaken. The EIA findings are reported in an Environmental Statement which forms a central part of the application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) in accordance with the Planning Act (2008). To read about the environmental impacts of the project, please see the Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary on the Key Document’s page.

Alternatively, the full Environmental Statement and supporting documents can be accessed via the Planning Inspectorate’s website:


Community Benefit

The development can bring a range of benefits to the area during both construction and operation. Construction will take approximately 21 months and will provide job opportunities for up to 150 skilled and semi-skilled workers.

The plant is expected to have an operational life of at least 25 years during which time up to 15 full time jobs will be required to support the management and maintenance of the plant.  Based on experience with other power generation projects, this investment is also likely to support a significant number of indirect jobs in the local community in facility maintenance and other lines of work.  In addition, the facility will make a major contribution to local business rates and will play an active role in the local community.

Progress Power has already received expressions of interest from local companies wishing to be involved in the project.  A detailed socio-economic impact study has been submitted as part of the DCO application and is published in the Environmental Statement.

Progress Power is working with the local councils to explore ways to bring deeper and long-lasting benefit to the immediate area.  Through the Examination phase, Progress Power and the local councils worked together to create a Section 106 Agreement; the final document can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate’s website:



Local businesses and individuals with an interest in working on or with the plant either during its construction or operation and would like to be kept informed of developments are invited to contact Progress Power via