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The Project

Eye Airfield (Grid ref: 613106, 275162) is a former World War II United States Air Force base in Suffolk and lies within the administrative boundaries of Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) and Suffolk County Council. It is located 1 km north west of the village of Eye, 4 km south of Diss and adjacent to the A140 which links Norwich to Ipswich. The Progress Power station will be located in an area of Eye Airfield that has been safeguarded by MSDC for potential development as an Energy Park, including potential for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project Gas-fired Power Station.


The main elements of the proposed Project would comprise:

• A new Power Generation Plant, a Simple Cycle Gas Turbine gas fired power generating station capable of providing up to 299 Megawatts of electricity, incorporating up to five gas turbine generators with up to five exhaust gas flue stacks.

• A new electrical connection, to export electricity from the Power Generation Plant to the National Grid Electricity Transmission System. This element incorporates a new underground cable circuit connection and a new access road with a new road junction off the A140, and a new Electrical Connection Compound comprising a substation and sealing end compound.

• A new gas pipeline connection to bring natural gas to the Power Generation Plant from the Gas National Transmission System in the vicinity of the Project Site. This element incorporates an above ground installation (AGI) at its southern end and a new access road off Potash Lane.

Given its capacity size, the Project requires a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change once its application has been examined by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State.
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